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Web Page Translator 4.1

Web Page Translator is a nice utility that lets you translate websites.

Web Page Translator is a nice utility that lets you translate websites. The application doesn't do any translating by itself; it simply functions as a gateway: it uses some of the most popular machine translation websites such as Google Translate, FreeTranslation, Altavista, Reverso, Systran and T-mail for translations.

The main window consists of a drop-down field where you select the language pair and the machine translator that you want to use and a text field where you are supposed to type or paste the URL of the web page that you want to translate. When you click on "OK" a web browser tab will be opened and the translated website will be displayed. Those are all the options that you get.

What I appreciate about this app is that it is humble. It knows that no machine translation will be of good quality, so it offers you with many options so that you can get the best out there, without having to check out every site manually. From all the machine translators that this app offers, the one that I liked the most was Google's, at least when translating into Spanish. It still produces lots of errors, but it was the most readable translation I could get.

All in all, this is a nice little app that helps you translate web pages using many machine translators.

José Fernández
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