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WeatherDock is a nice weather application for the Mac.
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WeatherDock is a nice weather application for the Mac. As its name suggests, it puts weather information on your dock, but it can also display information on the menubar and in a desktop icon. This makes this app one of the best weather apps I have tried. What makes it really great, though, is that you can customize it to the "T": you can disable the menu and the desktop icon, or you can choose to display a lot of information on your menubar, but it is all your choice.

The main window shows today's weather conditions, including temperature, current state, wind, pressure, humidity and visibility, and a 5-day forecast. The last time a measurement was made is also shown. If you click on any of the days, you will see more information about it.

In my opinion, the menubar icon is the star of the show with WeatherDock. By default, it only shows the current state in written text and with an icon, and the temperature, but you can customize it to also show the feels like temperature, location, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, dew point, visibility, etc. This takes a lot of space, but if it is information that you need to see quickly, there is no better way to display it.

All in all, this is a free tool that uses to get its weather data. It shows information in many different ways and it is totally customizable. If this app makes your life easier, consider donating to the developers.

José Fernández
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