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Temps - Weather, Time & Netatmo 1.13

An elegant menubar weather station and world clock for your Mac.
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Andreas Grossauer

Temps is a great weather application for the Mac. It puts detailed weather information on your menubar. It has support for multiple cities, which is great for people who travel a lot. When the application is running and you have a single location added, a big window will pop up when you click the menubar icon. This window includes the name of the location, the current temperature and time, the feels like temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, cloud cover, wind, precipitation, chance of rain, and sunrise and sunset times. There is also a detailed forecast for the current day and the following 3 days, which is always welcomed. When there are two or more locations added, you can simply hover your mouse over the location name to access the weather window.

Although there is a feature that can find your current location automatically, it is disabled by default. This can be very useful for travelers.

In conclusion, Temps is quite a great weather app. I tried another weather app yesterday and I thought it was very useless, because it only showed the temperature whereas Temps not only provides great information about the current conditions but also lets you see a detail forecast.

José Fernández
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  • Multiple locations
  • Automatic location
  • In-depth forecasts and current conditions


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