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Chromium-based web browser supporting integration with multiple web apps.
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It is somewhat hard to define what Wavebox is, probably because it is so versatile that it can be used for browsing the web, downloading data, communicating via email and collaborating with your team, all at the same time. However, technically speaking, it is a Chromium-based web browser that allows integration with multiple web apps, including not only email but collaboration services as well.

Being based on Chromium makes Wavebox fast and robust. Likewise, its support of practically any SaaS and web app allows you to use such popular services as Gmail, Office365, Slack and Trello. In fact, there is a very long list of compatible web apps you can check on the developer’s website, including all Google services, like Calendar, Drive, Contacts and Keep.

Good news is that Wavebox supports collaboration, which allows you to use all the web apps and services mentioned above from a single location while communicating and sharing data with the members of your team. In this regard, it is possible to create team workspaces, to which you can add the desired contacts.

The Wavebox’s interface looks beautiful and there are modes: Light and Dark, which you can toggle according to your preferences or the time of the day. Yet, the way the apps are displayed depends mostly on their specific interfaces.

Probably the most troublesome part of using Wavebox is configuration, which is why you will probably find its wizards quite helpful. Good news is that this tool can easily be adapted to your workflow to help you gain in productivity. Thus, instead of needing to continuously switch tabs to check what is going on, you can use the app’s side toolbar on the left. In this respect, you can add apps and links to the bar and even group them to your convenience. This same is true for downloads, which you can conveniently monitor from the bottom of the window.

Wavebox normally works as expected. However, there are a few minor problems it is my duty to tell you about. One of them is that notification badges may persist even when there is no pending activity. Besides, due to the way Wavebox handles memory to make a more efficient use, you may experience lags whenever you switch between web apps.

All in all, Wavebox has the potential to boost your productivity by allowing to access collaboration and communication services from a single application. It helps you have a more organized workspace and avoid opening your apps on different tabs. The product is available in two licenses: Free and Pro. Regarding this, it is excellent that you can try the Pro features for a week without paying for them. After this trial period is over, you may continue to use the application’s basic features for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple communication and collaboration services from a single application
  • Supports creating team spaces
  • Two interface modes
  • Configuration wizards
  • Easy navigation from the left side toolbar


  • Notification badges may persist even with no pending activities
  • Slight delays when switching between web apps
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