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Establishes a firewall for online protection.
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Create and configure the work of a PFW firewall on your mac by integrating the solution into the system. It automatically scans your web access configuration and provides options for bandwidth tuning, NAT setup, port redirection, dynamic rules tracking, etc.

WaterRoof is a graphical frontend for Mac OS X's firewall service. The application allows you to change the settings of the firewall on your Mac by using a graphical user interface. It lets you add rules to Mac's built-in IPFW Firewall. This should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Messing with the wrong settings or adding incorrect rules or deleting rules that are already enabled might break your system, allow unauthorized access, etc.

You can run the frontend by simply clicking on the application. You don't have to move it to your Application's folder. When you run the app, it will ask you for administrator privileges, so you will have to type in your account password.

You can do so much than add custom firewall rules with this app, but that is probably what you will use for the most. I like some extras that WaterRoof ships with. For example, you can backup and deploy configurations and import and export them. You can manage your networks's bandwidth and even carry out reverse and who is queries from a different window within this app.

All in all, WaterRoof gives you access to most of your firewall's settings and lets you change them at will. The app works well and, as advertised, it is also free.

José Fernández
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