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VPN Tracker 8, the successor to VPN Tracker 7, is the market-leading VPN client for OS X...
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If you are in need of a simple and effective solution to create and manage a virtual private network (VPN) then you will really appreciate the handy VPN Tracker application.
The dependable VPN Tracker software will prove to be a time and money saving tool for any business that uses remote offices or has many traveling users. You will be able to create various VPN connections and also import client connections from Cisco, F-secure, D-Link and so on.

You will also benefit from the "Secure Desktop" function that will allow you to access email, file servers, accounting databases, other system applications or anything else you wish to add. This feature is especially useful since it allows you to add any item to the secure desktop and access it remotely just as easy as if you actually were at your station.

The VPN Tracker application will constantly monitor your connection and ensure a stable and safe data exchange. The safety of the data transfer is done by using the latest security algorithms as well as Keychains.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a simple to use and intuitive application that will allow you to easily manage and create virtual private networks then a great solution is offered by the VPN Tracker software.

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