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Volley Balley is a very simple game in which you can play volleyball on a beach. The game is played with two players and the objective is, of course, to score points according to the beach volleyball rules. The players will need to send the ball to the other side of the net, and if the other player cannot hit the ball back to your court and it touches the ground, you will score one point. You also score points if you hit the ball more than three times in a row. The first player who reaches a certain number of points defined by the user wins the game. The game can last 5 points, 10 or 15. The game can be played against the computer or a human opponent, and you can play it with a joystick, mouse or keyboard.

The game includes various difficulty levels to choose from, including Easyride, Novice, Expert and Master. Sadly, the game offers very poor graphics and the movements of the players are very limited. The sounds are also very poor, the music is suitable, but very repetitive and annoying.

In short, I really wouldn't recommend Volley Balley because you can surely find much better games with a volleyball theme out there, and maybe for less money.

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  • Easy to play
  • You can play against another human player
  • Multiple difficulty levels


  • Poor graphics and sounds
  • Annoying music
  • Limited movements

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My question is 'are you sure that this game is about volleyball'??? The graphics don't impress me at all, the gameplay has nothing to do with volleyball.

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Didn't like the graphics at all. It looks like a couple of candies jumping in front of a photo...no the design is not good to my taste. Besides you are limited in what you can do.

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