Island Racer 4.3

A racing game with an offline and online mode.
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Assume the role of a race driver and compete against other participants. Drive across tracks designed as authentic and fictional race locations. Generate new landscapes to get a new challenge. Race against AI-controlled bots or join an online session with other players.

Island Racer is an arcade racing game for Mac. The game has features that make it fun to play for a short time. For example, as the name suggests, the races take place on islands. You can customize what the islands will look like from the pre-race settings menu. There are three options: Randomized, Tropical and Mediterranean. And you can choose among four track options On-Road A and B and Off-Road A and B. There are 7 different cars available, all resembling real cars. There is one that looks like a Camaro SS, a Nissan, a Land Rover, etc.

The gameplay is quite casual. The cars behave as if they were floating on the track. The physics engine is very unrealistic. You can crash into walls, veer off the road or even dive into water with no real consequences to you.

I played with the default settings in two different maps and I didn't have any problems to win the races. And I was driving horrendously. The opponent AI was way worse than me. I had to stop for full 10 seconds for it to pass me by.

In conclusion, Island Racer is an arcade racing game. If you have ever played the Need For Speed or Forza games, you should not even dare to try this game. If all you want is a game that you can quickly jump into and don't mind standard graphics and an arcade experience, you might like Island Racer.

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José Fernández
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  • Customizable tracks
  • Good car design


  • The driving mechanics is not very good


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