VoIP Tracker

VoIP Tracker 1.8

Monitor and control VoIP device interactions.
1.8 (See all)
Corkhat Software
Check the status of any VoIP device accessible from your Mac. Check the address book and view the logs with previous calls and interactions with contacts. Update the status, resume and pause the playback of iTunes content and QuickTime videos, automate the media processing.

Easily monitor your VoIP device status and let it interact with your Mac:
- CallerID (Visual and Voice) using your Address Book
- iChat status update when on the phone
- Pause/Resume play in iTunes, Quicktime and DVD Player automatically
- Visual feedback (Notifications when receiving calls)
List of compatible devices from Sipura/Linksys/Cisco : PAP2T, PAP2, PAP2-NA, PAP2-EU, SPA-1001, SPA-2100, SPA-2102, SPA-3000, SPA-3102, RTP300, SPA Phones 900/500 series and WIP310
VoIP Tracker will NOT work if your device has been locked by your provider and you can't change syslog settings on it.
Note : We have tested most of those devices but we can't test all configurations so please contact our support if you encounter any issue.

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