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Virus Out 1.0

Virus Out is a simple and original game in which you must destroy viruses.
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Feline Entertainment

Virus Out is a simple and original game in which you must destroy the viruses that intend to destroy important Mac files. The game simulates a virus scan in which several windows will be opened and some viruses will be found. That is when you have to start working to eliminate the infestation. Your task is to destroy as many viruses as you can before they destroy your files. The viruses are represented in the form of funny red devils that will make cute sounds and will appear out of nowhere at high speed. To destroy them, you just have to click on them as fast as you can. For every devil you destroy, you get money that you can later use to buy a spray to kill the viruses faster. There is a maximum number of files which can be destroyed before the game is over.

Unfortunately, there is only one mode and it doesn't offer any customization options. The game features simple but nice graphics, good sounds and sadly, no music.

In short, if you want something interesting to pass the time, Virus Out may be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Original theme
  • Enjoyable


  • Simple graphics
  • Only one mode and one difficulty level
  • No music
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