Vine Server

Vine Server 4.01

Send keyboard and mouse events to a remote machine and see the screen of that machine over a TCP/IP
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Vine Viewer, a client-side product, enables users to access and control remote computers from anywhere in the world including computers running other operating system where a VNC server is running. As increasingly tech-savvy consumers continue to advance in their use of technology, many are utilizing more than one computer system both at home and in the workplace. Through connecting over the Internet, local network, or modem to modem, Vine Viewer offers the solution for remote system administration, telecommuting and family technical support, while also extending to the business by enabling remote helpdesk management and support.
What's new in this version:
UltraVNC single-click support Support for Snow Leopard - Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Remote screen capture QuickTime movie recording International keyboard support Full-screen mode Secure connections through SSH Viewer window scaling Rich clipboard support, including copy and paste file exchange.

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