Vier 1.0

Vier is an app that emulates four units of the Doepfer MS-404.
1.0.3 (See all)

Vier emulates four units of the Doepfer MS-404, a famous German monophonic analogue synthesizer from the nineties. This software program uses up-to-date technologies for its synthesis engine like anti-aliasing oscillators, which are capable of audio range modulation and zero delay feedback filters, best known from synthesizers like LuSH, Monark, or Diva.

VIER offers a wide range of options for parameter linking and cross modulation. All parameters may be grouped and linked with each other freely. An intelligent voice management dynamically assigns pressed keys and played notes to the different units. Both features enable sound opportunities that go far beyond the plain emulation of a vintage synthesizer or just the sum of four parts.

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