VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter

VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter 2.0

Convert CHM files to PDFs.
2.0 (See all)

VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter for Mac is used to convert CHM to PDF file. With CHM to PDF Converter, you can easily extract any chapter or section from CHM and convert it into a PDF file. It supports batch conversion. With this application, you can also convert CHM indices of content to PDF bookmarks. In the conversion, you can set PDF page size, margins, page orientation, etc.
a. Convert CHM index to PDF bookmark
The CHM indices of content can be converted to PDF bookmarks. The original hierarchy of the tree can be well maintained. The bookmarks can help you easily find the corresponding chapter in the result PDF file.
b. Extract any chapter from CHM
You can select any chapter or section from CHM and convert the selected one into PDF. You can also convert several chapters or sections into a PDF file by selecting a chapter range in circumstances that the chapters or sections are of the same level.
Customize margins and page size
You can customize the page margins and page size in an easy way. It supports three units: mm (millimeter), in (inch) and pt (point). You can either select a standard option to set the page size, or customize the page size by setting page height and width.
Features of VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter for Mac:
1. Support batch conversion.
2. Automatically rename an output file if a file with the default name exists in output directory.
3. Retain colors and formats of original hyperlinks.
4. Retain original images.
5. Retain the original font style, font size and font color.
6. Set page orientation as portrait or landscape.
7. Generate PDF in grey scale and low quality.
8. Magnify the original page or reduce the page size.
9. Support command line operation.

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