vCard Editor

vCard Editor 3.2

Generate, edit, print, and save vCards on your Mac.
Design and modify vCards. Generate VCF files that store contact information and export it to various contact applications. Make QR codes for your vCards, save and print the output. View the contents as a spreadsheet, organize, find, compare, and replace data.

vCard Editor is an application to create and edit vCards directly. It lists contacts in the vCard in the column with each type, and has sort option in the column. It also has find-and-replace function. vCard is a file has an extension vcf and used to exchange contact information between various contact applications. Not only Apple Contacts but also such applications can import/export the file. vCard Editor also has a feature of reading CSV file and showing a contact as QRCode. You can save the QRCode as a image to print on various materials.

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