UVIWorkstation 3.0

UVI Workstation is a feature-rich music creation application.
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UVIWorkstation is a feature-rich and flexible music creation tool that brings a new perspective to working with UVI sounds.
UVIWorkstation will allow any music enthusiast interested in composing music to easily add UVI sounds and instruments to their creations. This convenient piece of software is compatible with almost all commonly used UVI scripted instruments. UVIWorkstation will allow you to work with a very large number of tracks simultaneously. You can add, delete and duplicate any track with just a few clicks of the mouse. UVIWorkstation provides an extensive set of instruments, sounds and audio effects in order to help you create complex music compositions, such as: delay, reverb, phaser, chorus, EQ, filter, drive, distortion, compressor and many more.

What's great about this application is that it allows you to add to its library many other instruments and effects directly from the program's interface; since you are connected to the UVI.net website at all time. Simply browse through UVI.net until you find what you need, download it and will be automatically added to the UVIWorkstation sounds library. You can quickly import REX files, Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV and many more UVI audio file types. You will also benefit from a built-in search engine that will allow you to quickly find the instrument or effect you want to use. This feature is quite useful since music composers usually work with hundreds of sounds, instruments and effects, thus quickly finding a specific sound or effect is very important.

Moreover, UVIWorkstation enables you to use up to 64 MIDI channels and multiple separate outputs so that creating complex projects will be a breeze.

Mario Procione
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