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Unblunder allows you to restore recently-deleted files.
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Unblunder allows you to restore recently-deleted files. It provides an extra layer of trash disposing to your Mac. If you see yourself regularly emptying your trash by mistake and finding that some files that you needed are gone, Unblunder could be of use to you. What the application does is very simple. After you empty your trash, Unblunder grabs everything that was deleted and it keeps it for a while, just in case you need to go back and get it later. For this to work, Unblunder needs to be running before you empty the trash. By default, files larger than 250 megabytes are kept for 10 minutes, and anything smaller than that is kept for a full day. After that, its good-bye. Unblunder will only work on drives that it has been activated for. It will only monitor your main disk unless you add other drives to the list.

In my testing, I emptied the trash, added a couple of folders and then launched Unblunder. I then emptied the trash and the files were already available on Unblunder's Recover screen. I then sent the files back to the Trash by double-clicking on them.

All in all, this tool works well and it can bring back files after you have emptied the Trash. At $10, it is more than affordable if you consider the value of your documents.

José Fernández
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