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UI Browser 2.9

A tool that allows you to explore and interact with elements part of the UI.
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UI Browser allows users to identify and control any element part of a window. With this tool, you will be able to intuitively browse any user-interface element, just like working with Finder: for a selected root element, from left to right, users can inspect sections of an application such as the menu bar, scroll area or standard window.

An important feature of UI Browser is the ability to test and manipulate the functionality of window elements. This makes it ideal for users writing GUI scripts. You may assign an action, attribute, keystroke or notification to a specific element of a window (for example sending text to a dialog).

When activated, the Screen Reader will display in-detailed information in real-time (element, element path, actions, attributes, notifications) about each window you mouse over.

Using UI Browser, I targeted the Finder window, browsed through File children elements and used the Close Window action 1 to close it. I noticed that even when closed, the window still becomes active in the target drop-down menu.

The application is ideal for GUI scripting with AppleScript; you will be able to get familiar with specific element attributes or actions before creating your own scripts. While UI Browser is a more versatile utility, for simple tasks like finding object elements, Apple's UIElement Inspector will provide faster results.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Explore any interface element
  • Change element attributes
  • Real-time monitor


  • Apple UIElementInspector may help you locate object elements faster
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