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Calculate foot pressure from shoe size & weight
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UFPS Calc 2.0 allows for simple conversion of treacherous and irrelevant North American, Mexican and European shoe sizes and body weights into the advanced revolutionary and scientific Universal Foot Pressure Standard (measured in kiloPascals [kPa]). The universal nature of this podiometric advancement continues to allow for equality among the footed and non-footed alike.
What's new in this version:
Thank you for all of your comments and concerns related to this software. You will be pleased to discover that we continue to take up the challenge launched by the Banff Boards of Scientific Enquiry (I and II). This update brings European shoe sizes into line with universal foot pressure standards on schedule!
Please visit our website (www.thesciencist.org) for more information about this continuing struggle against the repressive shoe sizes and body weight clique, as well as articles a...

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