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UberMask hides files and folders on your Mac.
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UberMask hides files and folders on your Mac. Even from Spotlight.
Use UberMask, a MacWorld MacGem 2011 pick, to hide your private data from curious eyes with cyberspeed. And there is no chance that your family members, collegues or friends stumble across your files and folders when using your Mac.

Even Spotlight will not find your hidden data!
Neither the Finder nor Spotlight will be able to detect your data hidden by UberMask.

Hide your data with a simple key stroke!
Choose a hotkey combination to hide and reveal single files and folders. Choose another hotkey combination to hide all these files and folders at once. Hotkeys work even when the UberMask application is not launched or running, so you can use them anytime.

Achieve inner peace!
UberMask is a perfect way to hide your data whenever your manager sneaks into your office, your kids need to surf the web or your spouse wants to check mail. It works like magic and keeps your conscience clean whenever your Mac is used by someone else.
Run the password protected UberMask application to keep track of all hidden data overseen by UberMask or to change the hotkey combinations.

Discuss UberMask on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Ubermask

****************** Ratings ******************
Macworld Rated: MacGem 2011 pick
UberMask is a Gem of a Mac app thanks to its seamless integration with OS X and its ease of use. It’s worth a look for anyone interested in hiding sensitive data on their Macs.
Mac|Life Rated: Good
If you’re a secret keeper, UberMask is useful and inconspicuous. It’s not hacker-proof, but it’ll certainly keep your confidential files and folders safe from the prying eyes of coworkers, kids, or your partner.
Mac Eyes Only Rated: 4 out of 5 Macs
If you have need for something like UberMask for simple file security, then I recommend giving it a try.
iCreate Italy: 4 out of 5
If you need to hide files on your system, Ubermask is the application for you.

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