Tweak and Tuneup

Tweak and Tuneup 3.2

Cleans and optimizes your system as well as preserves your privacy.

Tweak and Tuneup promises to clean your system from unnecessary data to recover precious storage space. Likewise, it can contribute to optimizing the system for a better performance as well as protecting your privacy.

The tool has an intuitive interface, which is very similar to those of many other system optimizers. So, if you are familiar with this type of application, there is very little to learn. And even if you are not, it will not take long before you can use it effortlessly. To facilitate browsing through its features, there are tabs organized into four main categories: Cleaning, Optimization, Manual Cleaning and Security.

You may want to use the one-click cleaning to run a complete scan without much trouble. This includes an analysis of your system to find unused cache data, obsolete logs, junk files and partial downloads. When it is concluded, you can check the results of the scan, but, unfortunately, you cannot choose exactly which issues to fix.

In the Optimization category, you can find an Uninstaller tool that works by dragging and dropping the application you want to uninstall onto the window. Unlike sending an app to the Trash Bin, the uninstaller can keep track of associated files and delete them. Unfortunately, there is a Duplicates Finder but it requires downloading an additional app from the App Store.

Going to the Manual Cleaning tab, in turn, allows deleting the Internet browsing history as well as large files, which may be using too much space unnecessarily. Moreover, there is the possibility to get rid of other types of data.

The bottom category, called Security, includes a shredder, which works by dropping there the undesired folders or files. And, as its name suggests, this tool is intended to erase the selected data beyond recovery.

All in all, Tweak and Tuneup seems to be good at finding obsolete and useless data stored on your system. Other promises, like that about increasing performance, are more difficult to prove, though. It is a shame that this product has been reported as being distributed along with malware, which raises an alert about it, even if the current version does not contain any viruses. Finally, although it is free, it does promote buying other products by the same developer.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy navigable interface
  • Uninstall apps together with their associated files
  • Includes a data shredder


  • Reported as containing malware in the past
  • Does not allow choosing exactly what to delete
  • Includes ads
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