Tunes Time Counter

Tunes Time Counter 1.1

Keep track of the time spent listening to iTunes music.

We find ourselves listening to music on a regular basis, some tracks more than other. If you have ever been curious to find out what pieces of music you have listened to the most on your iTunes player, Tunes Time Counter is just the tool for the job. The application extracts details from the iTunes player and displays them on its own interface with the possibility of sorting and looking up content. What's more: it’s free of charge.

Tunes Time Counter has a robust and intuitive layout making it simple to use; it shows multiple track details for each of its entries like name, artist, album, composer, track length, last played date, play count and total play. Use any of these parameters to sort out the music files within the layout in order to get a better description of the time spent listening to iTunes. The built-in search function will provide live results to your queries as you type.On its status bar, users can view the number of entries, total time and total listened time values.

The application is designed for all users looking to find out the most popular tracks in their iTunes library.

Rory Shaffer
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