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Trigonometry is a very simple mathematics application.
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Trigonometry is a very simple mathematics application. As its name applies it deals with the field of trigonometry. This tool lets you calculate sines and cosines. These trigonometric functions can be shown on a graphic, which makes it easy to explain them to a student or to study them yourself.

The application is incredibly light, weighting only 238KB on the hard disk. When you first launch it, you will see a full circle with lines crossing it from top to bottom and from side to side. You will notice a red line on the right horizontal straight line. You can drag and drop the dot on the end of the line to move it anywhere on the circle. When you move the line, you are telling the application the angle that you want to calculate. At the bottom of the window, you will find four buttons: Radians, Degrees, Show standard angles and Show sin/cos. If you check the last button (show sin/cos), the app will show a grey box at the top of the screen with the values for the sine and cosine of the angle that you selected.

To sum up, Trigonometry is a nice tool for visual representing of the values of sines and cosines. It is easy to understand and absolutely free.

José Fernández
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