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Extract and process parts of musical tracks.
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Create a copy of a piece of music from a larger recording. Transcribe the notes and layout of the selected content, manage individual files or combine multiple tracks into a single presentation. Change pitch, tempo, volume, standard effects, chords, etc.

If you are looking to play a piece of music and there are no scores or tablatures available, Transcribe! is just the tool for the job. The application will not automatically provide the score but it is designed to act as an assistant in the transcription process. It includes a player especially created to suit the task with several other built-in utilities to enhance its usage.

Transcribe! has a well-designed layout centered around its player; the interface is easily customizable with multiple visual aids available: piano roll, note / chord guesses, spectrum, dB lines, time lines. Users can slow down the playback of the audio file or speed it up.

Audio effects and controls provide additional functions to Transcribe!; it may be used to isolate sound for different purposes like Karaoke, change equalizer settings (remove or select bass, tenor, alto, soprano, flute, piccolo, top), tuning, reference note, timbre. This way you can easily remove an instrument and play along.

Transcribe! is a tool designed for all users in need of a flexible, easy to use audio transcription solution.

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  • Simple to use
  • Audio effects designed to isolate certain sounds


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