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Tunatic is a music identification tool for your Mac.
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Tunatic is a music identification tool for your Mac. It is an application that can quickly identify songs by listening to them. It can tell you the name of the artist and song title for most songs. This tool is incredibly light and it works very well. It is free as well. This application uses your microphone to listen to a song being played on your computer or by other devices, such as a media player or a radio. It records a part of the song and uploads it to a server. Then, it is matched to one of the songs on their database and you are sent the results. I tested this app with several commercial and well-known songs, and it got all of them right. Some songs will give the app a little trouble when they are too similar to other songs or are mixes or live concerts. You always have to make sure that your volume is maxed out and that there aren't any sounds in the background. That is how this app works the best.

After a song is identified and you see its name, you can click on the blue arrow, which will take you to a website with links to the song's lyrics, a ringtone, and a link to download the full song from iTunes.

José Fernández
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