Toribash 5.43

A peculiar turn-based strategy third-person fighting game.

Toribash is a peculiar turn-based third-person fighting game. In this respect, what is different about it is that there seems to be absolutely no intention of making the fighters look realistic. Instead, you get a couple of puppet characters made up of simple geometric parts. The game can be played individually or in multiplayer mode.

The interface is designed in the spirit of console games. It is easy to navigate and it includes a tutorial to teach you the basics. The goal is to defeat your opponent by striking carefully planned blows. For this purpose, you need to manipulate the joints of the puppet in a combination of movements, which include contracting, expanding, rising, lowering and tilting different body parts. Luckily, there are powerful physics algorithms behind the movements.

Although I admit the game may be interesting to some people due to its unusual combination of strategy with action, it is definitely not the type of game I would be hooked on, because, unfortunately, and I respect anyone else’s opinion, Toribash seems kind of boring to me. The product is free but there may be some in-app purchases as well.

Pedro Castro
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  • Combines strategy and action
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes
  • Uses powerful physics algorithms
  • Tutorials available


  • Seems kind of boring
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