Tom's Schafkopf Express 1.0

Tom`s Schafkopf/Sheepshead Express contain our new 3D user interface.
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Tom`s Schafkopf/Sheepshead Express contain our new 3D user interface. You will find yourself sitting at the table with 3 opponents. If you choose, both of whom are fully animated. For example, you'll see them deal and play out their cards during the game. Sheepshead (Schafkopf) is a popular family and community card game. Although the basics can be learned quickly, it has a number of subtleties which give it the ability to hold the interest of players over a long period of time. The rich history of this game has produced a number of local variations, but the basic outlines have been standardized by the German Schafkopf Association. These and the US-rules from the National Sheepshead Association form the basis of this program which implements a four-player version of the game.
The computer simulates three players each with selectable playing styles. Sound, personal game statistics, and assorted card types add variety. Comprehensive explanations of the rules, playing strategy suggestions, and a training mode are available for beginners. The program simulates 3 players each of whom can be given one of four playing styles. Sounds include 6 voices (3 male and 3 female). Play ratings, assorted card faces, contextual help and rules for beginners are a standard part of the program. Variations include practice mode, bock rounds, and twelve different solo types.
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