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Timerous is intended for increasing your productivity while you are working on projects. In this respect, the application can help you manage your time more effectively by keeping track of every minute you spend working. Based on the Pomodoro technique, this tool lets you schedule work sessions separated by breaks.

Just like many other similar products, Timerous runs from the Menu Bar, from where you can access its options. One of your possibilities is to start a new session, which you should do by entering the name of the associated project, the type of task, the expected duration and an appropriate description. Besides, it lets you explore and create new projects. Thus, by selecting the name of a project, you can view the tasks you have previously linked to it. Finally, at the end of your work, you can open the Session Log page to review all the activities you have worked on during the day, including their status, progress and duration.

Luckily, you can customize your work sessions, which means that, instead of fixed time periods, you can configure the duration of work and break periods as well as personalize your alarms, notifications and alerts. It is also good that the tool supports starting, stopping, pausing and resuming sessions via global key combinations.

All in all, Timerous has everything necessary to boost your productivity at work, by helping you focus on the task at hand. In addition to office workers, writers and researchers, it may also come in handy for any freelancer who charges by the hour. It is a real shame that some users have reported the application to repeatedly crash. The product is downloadable from the Mac App Store at no cost.

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  • Based on the popular Pomodoro technique
  • Associates projects with tasks
  • Views statistics
  • Custom work and break periods
  • Personalized alerts, alarms and notifications


  • Reports of frequent crashes


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