OneFocus 1.4

It blocks specific applications for a period of time you determine.
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OneFocus is a simple tool that blocks specific applications for a period of time you determine. This way, you will stay focused on the computer tasks you are working on, without being distracted by other programs.

The utility installs as a small icon placed on your Mac's upper bar, so that you can access it with ease each time the situation requires it. The tool doesn't have an interface – it just opens with a context menu that lets you select the applications you wish to block. You can either drag the vertical slider to select specific programs on the list, or use the search filter to insert the name of the program you are looking for. Then, you just enter a custom time period during which the selected apps will remain idle. Yet, you can pause the countdown any time you want – consequently, the selected applications will either become active for a short time, or remain locked for a larger amount of time that will include both the preset and the paused periods. In addition, you can set the program to inform you when the lock time has elapsed.

To sum up, OneFocus is a handy application that helps you stay concentrated on your work. More precisely, it doesn't let sounds or visual stimuli divert your attention.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Solution to stay focused on work
  • Notification when the blocking period has elapsed
  • Can block multiple apps
  • Prevents your attention from being distracted by audio and visual stimuli


  • It supports only Yosemite
  • Can't stop the countdown to start a new session
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