TimeHunk 1.0

A multi-functional time managament tool at you disposal.
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TimeHunk is a reliable time management application that can come in handy for various purposes. With this tool you will be able to boost your efficiency by creating your own working schedule with customizable work time intervals as well as breaks.

You can also use TimeHunk as a stopwatch or as an alarm clock which will ensure that you will arrive on time to your meetings, wake up at the desired hour or that you won't overcook the food in your oven.

Another thing that you will enjoy is the fact that you can make TimeHunk fit your needs and requirements with the help of the preferences window. From there, you will be able to determine if you want the application to be your topmost window or if you want it to use a continuous alarm whenever a time slice is completed. Furthermore, you can select the skin that the clock should have, determine the warning level and opt for the desired time management function. Although you don't have too many sound options to choose from, when it comes to efficiency this program will definitely get the job done.

To sum it all up, TimeHunk would make a great addition to your software collection as it is a convenient solution for most of your time tracking needs.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • A user-friendly tool
  • Allows you to customize the time slices
  • Can also be used as a stopwatch or digital alarm


  • It doesn't offer too many choices with the sounds that your alarms should have
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