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TidySongs offers an easy way to organize your music library.
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TidySongs offers an easy way to organize your music library; it will fix any missing or misspelled song details, add album artwork, remove duplicate songs, and organize your music. If your song names have misspellings or missing info, TidySongs' intelligent database technology will find the matching artwork, remove duplicates, and clean things up.

Misspelled and missing song details makes your music ugly and impossible to browse on an iPod. TidySongs fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and renames artists and albums with their correct format (i.e. "Dave Matthews Band" not "Dave Matthews").
TidySongs features a smart duplicate song remover that searches your song library to find duplicates - even duplicates that are spelled differently.

Additionally, TidySongs automatically downloads high resolution album artwork for each of your songs so that it displays on your computer, in iTunes and on your iPod, iPhone, TV or other music player.

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