TidyMyMusic 1.4

Organize your music collection by fixing tags and removing duplicates.

TidyMyMusic can help you organize your music collection. In this regard, the tool can effectively label tracks correctly, find matching artwork for your albums and delete song duplicates. It perfectly integrates with your iTunes library so there is no chance that your songs get corrupted in the process.

The tool has a neat interface and you will not have any difficulty to find your way. It all starts by loading your iTunes library. Then, you can perform two main operations: fixing mislabeled tracks or finding duplicate files.

As to retagging tracks, it is good that the tool uses a technology called “acoustic fingerprint” to compare the files with the patters stored in Wondershare online database. Thus, it can identify the song more reliably than by simply taking into consideration other data, like file name or size. As part of a first step, it signals those tracks that are wrongly tag or have incomplete information. You have the option to fix them automatically or manually. However, managing a large number of problem tracks may be too time consuming, so the autofixing feature feels like the best idea. In such case, the tool can complete missing information, including artists, song title, album, genre and lyrics.

If you want to save some disk space and have a tidier music collection, it is also possible to remove duplicate tracks. Fortunately, you can configure the parameters you want the tool to take into account, which include such file attributes as name, artist, album, time and size. When the results are ready, you may decide which version of the file to keep.

Regrettably, TidyMyMusic is not perfect. In this regard, it may fail to properly identify some songs, particularly oldies. Likewise, finding the right information for a large collection can take hours. Besides, it does not seem to help you complete albums with missing tracks.

All in all, TidyMyMusic is a convenient way to keep your music library organized. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost, except that it lets you edit 10 tracks only.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Integrates with iTunes
  • Uses acoustic fingerprint to find matching info
  • Lets you customize duplicate finding
  • Downloads missing info including album artwork and song lyrics


  • May fail to tag some files properly
  • Cannot help you complete the missing tracks in an album
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