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File Actions allows you to kepp your files organized.
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Keeping your files organized can often feel like a chore, constantly navigating back and forth across your hard drive just to keep files in their correct places.
File Actions allows you to do just that, without the hassle of actually moving your files around. Working in the background and keeping a watchful eye over your file system, File Actions will detect changes as soon as they happen and automatically perform any actions on the files that have been flagged as changed.

File Actions 2 allows you to create a series of rules, which define a set of criterion of what files they can affect, and the action in which they will preform on the file.

Files can be matched against criterion such as; File Name, File Extension, File Size as well as Image Dimensions.

After a file has been matched against a rule, it can then have one of a variety of different actions performed on it, ranging from simply moving or copying the file to a new location, to setting it as the desktop background.

Whatever you need to do, File Actions 2 makes keeping your files organised a breeze.

File Actions 2 has Growl support built right in. So if you have Growl installed on your computer then you'll be able to have File Actions notify you of any successful operations carried out on your files when they happen.

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