Tibet Quest

Tibet Quest is a nice puzzle game in which you need to swap adjacent tiles.
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Tibet Quest is a nice puzzle game in which you need to swap adjacent tiles to align three or more of the same type to make them disappear from the board. When you make matches, you collect points and you also turn some of the tiles into blue which means that your character can walk over them and collect the necessary items to continue his journey. When the character collects all the items by following the path created, you can proceed to the next level. The games are timed, so the faster you complete the levels, the higher your score will be.

You may also need to collect a certain amount of the same tiles to use that object in the game. For instance, you may need the machete to cut the plants that divide your game. The games are challenging and you don't have any kind of help, so you need to think your moves thoroughly. The game features lovely graphics and sounds, and very pleasant music, sadly, only one mode.

In short, if you like match-3 games, you will surely enjoy Tibet Quest, but be ready to think a lot.

SM Senior editor
Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Lovely graphics and music


  • Only one mode
  • No help



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