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Free Match the workflow of your creative thoughts with a comprehensive thinking tool.
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ThinkSpace is a comprehensive thinking tool designed to match the workflow of your creative thoughts. Its simple and intuitive interface integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of thinking methods. The main features include smooth handwritten sticky notes, editable unlimited size canvases, a variety of frameworks for generating ideas, and real-time sharing with cloud services.

You can use ThinkSpace in a variety of ways, for free-range brainstorming using handwritten sticky notes, arranging and managing ideas, mind mapping, diagram, generating ideas with different thinking methods and frameworks, online brainstorming, real-time shared whiteboards, and more.

The app is ideal for anyone who needs to generate new ideas, from professionals (such as entrepreneurs, project managers, consultants, marketers, advertisers, researchers, teachers, and writers) to students wishing to learn about creative thought processes.

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