ThinkArch 1.3

Archive MS Entourage mail to DEVONThink Pro.

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ThinkArch allows you to archive MS Entourage mail to DEVONThink Pro.
Archives only mail in selected mailboxes. Archives only mail older than a set date. Set date can be relative to current date (ie, 2 years old) or relative to last archive date. Archives can be scheduled monthly without intervention. Handles both plain text and HTML emails. Automatic text cleanup. Control of archive folder hierarchies. Control whether to archive unread messages or high priority messages. Specific DTP database to use for archives can be set. Basic handling of attachments supported by DTP (unlinked but grouped with archived messages). Automatic removal of duplicates and replicants. Add to DTP from Entourage selection feature. Can install above feature in Entourage and user scripts menus. More!

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