The Snow Fable

The Snow Fable 2.0

The Snow Fable is a tile-matching game created for Mac.
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The Snow Fable is a tile-matching game developed by Wellore. This Mac app brings you a fascinating storyline, plenty of challenging missions, amazing artworks and background music, and a relaxing way to spend your spare time in front of your computer.

Your objective is to break the curse that has taken over the kingdom by completing various tile-matching levels. Each mission comes with an individual set of goals, which you need to complete. The app will provide you with all the instructions you could possibly need to help you learn how to finish challenges and increase overall score.

I especially liked the background music playing when accessing the main menu of the game. Plus, the artworks were nicely-drawn and the cinematics looked amazing.

Another lovely aspect is that the level map window is actually represented as a book, each level representing a page. After you complete a challenge, the app will redirect you to the level map window and display a cinematic.

Needles to say, The Snow Fable is one of the best tile-matching games I played so far. So I definitely think you should try it if you're into playing this type of game in your spare time.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Amazing graphics and cinematics
  • Fascinating plot
  • Brings you many levels
  • Offers you gameplay instructions
  • Nice background music and sound effects


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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