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TextNut combines the power of Markdown with the simplicity of rich text editing.
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TextNut is a simple-to-use editor that lets you “concentrate on your words”. It has the peculiarity of supporting two editing modes: Rich Text (WYSIWYG) and Markdown, which you can easily switch by pressing a letter on the app’s status bar. Likewise, it comes with six different themes that are appropriate for different lighting conditions. Moreover, some of the themes support using a background image.

The editor has a carefully crafted interface, with no superfluous adornments. In this respect, most of the space is dedicated to composing your document. If you are in Markdown mode, you will see all the codes, while in WYSIWYG mode, the text is shown in its formatted form and the codes are hidden. However, it is possible to use code independently of the mode. For instance, if you are in Rich Text mode and you type any word enclosed by two asterisks, it will automatically be shown in bold format. Luckily, you do not even need to know what code to use, because when you select a text fragment, a popover menu appears to let you select the desired formatting. Likewise, this method also works for creating hyperlinks within the document.

One of the best features of TextNut is its built-in file organizer. It allows you to create document libraries and organize them in trees. Luckily, any item can be dragged to another location in the tree. Yet, if you do not want to spend any time on organizing your library, you still can link external folders as well. It is quite convenient that the application supports using filters and tags to quickly find a specific document.

TextNut supports saving your documents in three of the most popular formats, PDF, HTML and RTF. However, this range is not so broad if you compare it with other similar editors; for instance, it cannot export to ePub. Additionally, it has the advantage of integrating with WordPress, Blogger and Medium.

All in all, TextNut is an excellent choice among text editors for both novices and experienced users. In this respect, although Markdown language lovers may probably hate its WYSIWYG mode, for others is a blessing, probably because they find the text more easily readable. The product can be tried at no cost and has a quite affordable price. Still, you may find some in-app purchases.

Pedro Castro
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  • Two editing modes
  • Various interface themes
  • No need to know Markdown language
  • Built-in file organizer
  • Integrates with WordPress, Blogger and Medium


  • Not a broad export range
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