Termius 5.1

Remotely connect to another platform and manage devices from other networks.

Termius is an app to securely access Linux and IoT devices and perform software installation, updates, and various operations. The app can easily be downloaded and installed from the AppStore, but keep in mind that in order to use its features you need to have basic networking skills.

Its interface has a modern look and comes with lots of theme selections and multiple customizations. The main screen is comprised of a content area, a left-side panel, and a mini-toolbar at the top. The navigation through the menu is quite intuitive and buttons respond well to user commands.

Termius comes with lots of integrated features. It allows users to make multiple connections to the same host or to connect to multiple hosts. Moreover, it lets individuals create groups in order to define shared settings and themes. Other included functions are represented by the encryption of any service or connection, support for ECDSA and ed255519 keys, and pair credentials for quick access.

To summarize, Termius is a smart utility to remotely access and control various devices. It requires a payment to use its full version, it lacks RSA key support and it misses xterm-256 color support. If you can deal with these inconveniences, give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Supports ECDSA and ed255519 keys
  • Allows for multiple connections
  • Encrypts all services and connections


  • Lacks RSA key support
  • Misses xterm256 color support
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