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Free Complete logs are automatically generated of all your terminal sessions.
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Terminator is a cross-platform GPL terminal emulator with advanced features not yet found elsewhere.
Terminator will run on any modern OS with Java 6 or later. It replaces xterm, rxvt, xwsh and friends on X11 systems, GNOME Terminal, KDE's Konsole, Apple's Terminal.app, and PuTTY on MS Windows
Here are some of the features unique to Terminator, or which are rare amongst the competition:
- Automatic Logging - Complete logs are automatically generated of all your terminal sessions .
- Drag & Drop - Text and URLs, and even files from Finder/Nautilus/Windows Explorer can be dropped on Terminator to be inserted as text, with automatic quoting of filenames containing shell meta-characters.
- Find - Terminator provides you with a find function so you can search for text and regular expressions within your terminal (including the scrollback), highlighting them all, in the style of less(1), and offering quick movement to the next or previous match [full details]. As far as we know, the only other terminal emulator with a find function is Apple's Terminal, and ours is better.
- Searches stay active until you cancel them, so if you're waiting for some particular output in a great stream of output, this is a really great way to make it blindingly obvious when it appears.

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