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Free ted, torrent episode downloader, is an automatic torrent downloader.
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ted, torrent episode downloader, is an automatic torrent downloader. The app was designed to download torrents for popular and ongoing TV shows automatically. There is a list of TV shows from which you can add the ones that you want ted to download for you. When you add a show, ted will look for torrents corresponding to the most recent episode by default. You can also tell ted which episode you want to download. ted connects to the servers once in a while to get database updates and schedules. Thus, it has really good information on when shows are supposed to air. Say, for example, that you wanted to download 'The Simpsons' latest episode and it aired on Mondays. ted will look for torrents all day every 60 minutes. When it finds one, it will download it and add it to your torrent client, which will then download its content. You can customize where ted looks for torrents and what kind of torrents it downloads. For example, you can tell it to download only standard-definition versions or HDTV 720p files.

Most of the times ted does a great job of downloading the correct torrents, but it does fail some times. I found that running it constantly on your system isn't the best way, since it can crash or become unstable. Running it a few times during the day works best.

Note that downloading TV shows from the the Internet is illegal, so you shouldn't do it.

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  • Automated torrent updating
  • Customizable delay times
  • Multiple download filters
  • Good customization options


  • Crashes during long-term work



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