Teaching Addition 2009

Free Teach math to kindergarten or early elementary school children.
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Free educational software to teach Math to kindergarten or early elementary school children. Parent participation is required to teach step0by-step method. This is not a game software which teach nothing about math. This software lead parent to play with children and master the basic concept fo addition using tools on the display. Parent will know exactly what to do to tech children learn 4 + 5 = 9, and why so. It extend to the concept of carry in order to learn multi-digit number additional later. Children are required to have ability to count numbers up to at least 20 to begin. If your children is not ready for this, you can obtain another software named "Number sense" published from the same company. For children who shows a good progress in additional can move on to multiply. The software "multiply" published by the same company starts with counting numbers in multiple, and goes through multiplication table completely in a very easy way.



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