Tabular 2.3

A tablature editing tool supporting 53 different instruments.
2.3 (See all)
Create and edit notations for various instruments, including guitar, bass, banjo, and drums. The app provides large array of notational tools, including legato, vibrato, bends, and palm mutes. Listen to your music with a player containing 53 different instrument sounds, sync your notations across all your devices using iCloud, and export your music as plain text (ASCII), PDF or MIDI files.

Tabular, a powerful new tablature editor, makes reading and writing music for stringed instruments and drum kits easy, expressive, and fun.Transcribe songs you want to learn, write your own new songs, and practice your favorite instrument with the help of Tabular. Great for beginners. Robust practice features help you master songs and work through instrument exercises, all while tracking your progress. Great for pros. Extensive notational features and customizable tunings for three- to ten-string instruments: let your creativity be uninhibited by technology. Streamlined interface. A sleek, easy-to-understand interface and document management system lets you spend time making music -- not learning the application.

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