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Synchronizes and backs up data between two folders.
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SyncTime is intended for data synchronization and backup. Although it is a very lightweight application, it offers a lot of useful features, particularly in terms of synchronization types. Besides, it lets you automate the process by scheduling sync tasks and configuring filters.

The application’s interface is quite self-explicable, so it is likely that you can start setting your download tasks right away. In this regard, you can create a new sync item following the simple steps suggested by the order of the tabs in the window. First, you can simply pick the two folders you want to synchronize and, optionally, you can assign the task to a group. Good news is that it supports folders from any mounted drives. Then, you can decide whether you want the task to be executed manually or upon schedule.

The next step lets you create a set of filters, which lets you exclude hidden files and those matching a given expression. Likewise, it is possible to create a list of specific files you do not want to include in the syncing.

The Destination tab is very important as it is where you pick one of the synchronizing modes available. Fortunately, the tool supports three different modes. By default, the tool performs a unidirectional synchronization, which creates an exact copy of the source folder. Besides, there is the two-way sync, used to merge source and destination data. In one-way move sync mode, the application moves all the contents of the source folder to the destination. Unfortunately, unlike other similar tools, SyncTime does not allow configuring a set of rules that can solve possible conflicts automatically.

The last tab is labeled Advanced, and it allows you to decide whether you want involved volumes to be mounted automatically. Moreover, you can set it to skip confirmation dialogs or configure bandwidth limits.

Once your task has been created. It appears on the main screen, from which you can execute it at any time. In case you previously added to your task to a group, it is possible to run them as a single operation. Luckily, the tool works in the background, so you can continue with your work while it does its job.

All in all, SyncTime can help you keep your data protected from accidental losses. Likewise, it is a good way to synchronize contents on different locations, which is essential for team work. The product is available from the Mac Store at a reasonable price.

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  • Supports adding folders from any source
  • Supports three different synchronization modes, including two-way syncs
  • Allows scheduling tasks
  • Lets you create an exclusion list


  • Does not allow configuring a set of rules that can solve possible conflicts automatically


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