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Synchronize folders with copies of your data.
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Check out a collection of instruments for enhanced data copying and storage. Work with a set of options for selecting two different folders and synchronizing their content. Automate the updating process according to personal preferences. Reset and adjust actions.

Sync!Sync!Sync!LE helps you to make copies of your data by synchronizing two folders. It's very easy to set up, and once this is done, all you have to do is push a button. Of course, Sync!Sync!Sync! can also run automatically while you are away from home, or sleeping.
It's also AppleScript compatible, so you can make your own backup flow. There are some sample scripts in the package, so please try to find out what system works best for you.
Mac OS X 10.5 has an elegant backup system ("Time Machine") but if you want to use it, you have to prepare a huge empty HDD. If you don't have one, or you want to make backup through a network (like iDisk), Sync!Sync!Sync! is a better choice.
- Simplicity
It's very easy to set up a new back up, just choose an original folder and a backup folder. Then you can customize the backup by choosing appropriate backup style and detailed setting step by step.
- Scheduled Backup
Sync!Sync!Sync! can be run automatically by itself. User just needs to choose a day of week (or everyday) and time to run backup, then Sync!Sync!Sync! starts up and runs backup automatically on schedule. It's very easy to back up files to iDisk at midnight.
- Various Backup Target
Not only is it easy to set up a backup not only to external HDD or USB Flash Drive like iPod, but also it's available to back up to any device which can be mounted on Finder like network server, iDisk (webdav server), other Mac via Wifi or FTP server. (Please use MacFusion)
- Various Backup Style
Sync!Sync!Sync! provides various backup methods like "Add copy", "Synchronize copy", "Two-way copy" and so on. Sync!Sync!Sync! also provides various "Selectional" backup methods which allows user to check and choose files to be backed up or removed. About difference of those backup methods, please refer to the manual.
- Detailed Setting
It's possible to use more detailed setting. User can determine files not to be backed up with its file name, label, file size and so on to save the space of backup drive and shorten running time. It's available to stock the backed up file history (Leave older file for certain period).
- High Speed Backup
The backup process is very fast. The backup via network can be slower depends on the network speed, but the backup to external HDD will be done very quickly.
- AppleScript Support
Sync!Sync!Sync! runs designated AppleScript before/after backup. For example, it's possible to mount iDisk or network server with AppleScript before backup and unmount the volume and send result via EMail after backup. The Sync!Sync!Sync! package contains various sample script like mounting iDisk or sending Email, please refer to those script. Sync!Sync!Sync! itself also supports AppleScript so it's available to run backup with AppleScript.

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