SWF Investigator

SWF Investigator 0.6

A GUI-based comprehensive set of tools which allows to quickly analyze SWF files
0.6.5 (See all)

SWF Investigator is a cross-platform, GUI-based, comprehensive set of tools, which enables engineers, developers and security researchers to quickly analyze SWF files to improve the quality and security of their applications.
From a static perspective, you can disassemble ActionScript 2 (AS2) and ActionScript 3 (AS3) SWFs, view SWF tags and make binary changes to SWF files.
The app also lets you view associated information, including local shared objects (LSOs) and per site settings.
From a dynamic perspective, you can call functions within the SWF, load the SWF in various contexts, communicate via local connections and send messages to Action Message Format (AMF) endpoints.

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