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Survival Cell is an original arcade game for the Mac.
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Survival Cell is an original arcade game for the Mac. In this game you control a single cell. It is a newly discovered type of cell which is implanted into a human test subject. The subject is fighting of several infections, and your job is to prevent the cell from being infected. The cell is a big blue circle, and the bacteria that you have to avoid come in different shapes and colors. You have to move your mouse (which makes the cell move around) to prevent the bacteria from touching you. Every time one of them touches you, you will lose some health. The bacteria are short-living, so if you manage to avoid them for some time, they will simply disappear. When they disappear, you get points, but your health doesn't replenish unless you manage to assimilate a "good" cell, which will also destroy all the bacteria on the level.

Level after level, the cell that you control will develop new ways to fight off infection. For example, in the first few levels, you can grab a sort of power-up that starts shooting at close-by infection agents.

In conclusion, this is an arcade game in which you have to avoid being touched by bacteria. It is easy to play but it can get challenging after only a few levels.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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