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Forest Zombies is a free arcade game featuring squirrel-eating zombies.
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Forest Zombies is a free arcade game featuring squirrel-eating zombies. In this game, you control Plummy "The Bunny" McClane and you are armed with a catapult. Your objective is to hold off the waves of forest zombies until your assistants can put the squirrels to safety. Before you start playing the first level, you will be able to choose your weapons. There are only two in the first level, and you can buy more as you advance with the coins that you earn for each finished level. The first two weapons are an axe and a small bomb that detonates 5 seconds after it makes contact with the ground. You can click on each of the weapons to put it on the catapult, which you can control by dragging on it to set a trajectory.

I only played a few levels, and I thought that the game was neither too easy nor too difficult. You have to mix your attacks because weapons take some time to reload, but as long as you can do that, passing the levels wasn't a great challenge.

The graphics of the game aren't bad, especially for a free game. The music is a bit repetitive. The controls are quite easy to learn and master.

In conclusion, Forest Zombies is a nice time-killer. It has a ton of levels and unlocking all the weapons can take some time, which adds some more incentive to keep playing the game.

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  • Lots of unlockables and levels
  • Original idea for a zombie game
  • Nice graphics


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The game has fun graphics and cute characters. It will grant your children a bit of fun.

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