SubRee 2.0

Tool app that batches renaming subtitles.
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SubRee is a tool app that batches renaming subtitles.
## Features
### Batch Renaming
SubRee through algorithm ignores irrelevant words, finds video names and pairs and renames subtitle files to video files. So SubRee can rename one series in whole season or all seasons.
### Organizing
SubRee moves subtitle files to the folders that contain video files by default. However, if a user specifies a destination folder, SubRee will rename the subtile files and move all files to the folder.
### Cleaning
SubRee can remove irrelevant files, like nfo files, exe files and txt files, by their extensions.
SubRee can remove empty folders after files are moved.
### Customize
SubRee can detects English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese by default. A user can adds more languages. All revising to preferences are taking effects immediately. The user changes the preferences and the results in preview changes accordingly.
### Preferred Subtitle
A user can enable preferred subtitle base on his preferred on the language of the subtitle. Video player automatically plays the preferred subtitle if there is one.

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