SubnetCalc 1.2

A lightweight and flexible tool for calculating network masks.

Computer networking is an area quite difficult to master; not everyone may fully configure all parameters and values part of a fully fledged network. However, with SubnetCalc this becomes a much easier task. The application is designed to aid in the interpretation of IP addresses, the creation of masks and what matters is that the app is free of charge.

SubnetCalc has a simple and intuitive interface made up of multiple tabs, each with its own functionality. All you need to do is simply to input an IP address and press the Calc button. The utility will then identify the class type (A, B, C or D), bit map, display its binary and hexadecimal format.

For a specified subnet mask, users can specify subnets bits, mask bits, number of subnets, hosts. Results are shown in a separate tab, complete with the whole range of subnet host addresses. Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) support is available.

SubnetCalc comes very much in handy for educational purposes as well; with this tool users will be able to better understand the mystery behind the IP digits.

Rory Shaffer
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