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StuffIt Destinations

StuffIt Destinations is a very useful utility for managing files.
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StuffIt Destinations is a very useful utility for managing files. It is a part of the StuffIt Deluxe for Mac suite, which also comes with complete utilities for the compression and expansion of archives. Destinations is a central hub for you to carry out actions with your files. The application sits on your Dock, and its icon works as a drop zone for your files.

The application's main window consists of 9 icons which represent different actions. The available actions are: create a StuffItX archive (.sitx), create a ZIP archive, send a ZIP archive to SendStuffNow, send a StuffItX archive to MobileMe, send a StuffItX archive to an FTP server, attach a ZIP file to an e-mail, burn a StuffitX archive to a CD or DVD, create a disk image with files and expand an archive. If you drag any file to any of those icons, the specified action will be carried out. These icons are called "tiles" within the application. The good thing is that you can add extra tiles or remove those that you don't use. If you right-click on any of the tiles, you can edit their "profiles". In other words, you can customize what they do when you drag a file into them.

All the default tiles are very useful, especially if you need to compress files regularly. Compressing and e-mailing a file can't really be any easier than dragging it into the correct tile and typing in the e-mail address where you want to send it to.

In short, StuffIt Destinations is a great application for anyone who compresses a lot of files. It works very well.

José Fernández
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